Amazon Prime was the best and worst thing I have ever done. I can get anything I want sent to my house in two days with just one click. At times, I felt guilty for avoiding going out to the store when I could just delay gratification and get it on Amazon, however if the numbers for this years Cyber Monday are correct, I'm not the only American choosing comfort and convenience while shopping.

E-commerce sales on Monday were $2.04 billion- and this is the first time that's ever happened! The record-breaking 17% increase came as a welcome surprise since Black Friday sales were lower than previous years. Monday wasn't the only day people were hopping online though, between Thursday and Monday online sales were up a total of 24%.

What's driving the increase in online sales? Walmart and other retailers like Target and J.C. Penney have amped up their e-commerce campaigns to compete against Amazon, the online shopping leader. On Cyber Monday, Walmart had the most online orders in their history, with mobile phones and tablets accounting for 70% of all website traffic from Thursday to Monday.

Here's what the shoppers had to say:

Do you shop on Cyber Monday?

"I am a CyberMonday shopper for about 7 years now - and have abandoned in-store Thanksgiving shopping altogether. I frequent Gap, Target and Apple. Not so much Wal Mart or Best Buy even though I may do that this year. I usually look for deals on clothes, toys and electronics." - Robin Algaze

"I've never really gotten into cyber Monday but this past year I've been online shopping a lot so I definitely will next Monday." - Kate Oelmann 

"I always shop cyber Monday if I'm going to buy anything from Amazon and what not. But this year I made a promise I'm only buying from small businesses and I'm sticking to it. The only exception I'm making is getting my Mother a Bruce Springsteen calendar which is tradition." - Sam Intartaglio

What's the appeal?

"In the last four years 80 to 85% of our holiday purchases are made online.  Being able to shop when I have the time in the primary attraction.  I have noticed in the last couple of years, CyberMonday is becoming 'Cyber Monthly' with some of the best deals starting in late October or early November.  The laptop I bought in early November is $100 higher now and not included in the Black Friday or CyberMonday sales." - David Yearout

"Never did black Friday, but I love cyber Monday. I don't have to deal with crowds or lines, plus I'm not making some poor employee work on a holiday!" - Liz Richards

"Deals in the comfort of my home. No trampling. Ahhhhhh." - Robin Algaze

"I do Cyber Monday because I don't have to leave the house or interact with people or lose my temper unnecessarily. Thanksgiving is supposed to be a holiday where you veg out and eat and hang out with family and it seems like a damn rude awakening to deal with Black Friday right after." - Leyla Hamedi

For some, the appeal varies based on life events, whereas others still prefer the sensory experience of shopping:

"As for CyberMonday, there wasn't a lot of interest except for the expectant mother in my office.  Most of us really see-touch-feel in our office.  We need to see it in person." - Charles LaBrecque

What type of device do you use to access these sales? Computer, tablet, phone?

"Computer and tablet" - Robin Algaze

"I use my laptop most often for Cyber Monday, followed by my phone and my tablet once in a while. I like to make sure I'm getting the best deal, so last minute comparison shopping is easier on the laptop, but if I know the exact item I want to purchase, the phone works just as well." - David Yearout