Natural Products Expo West just wrapped up in Anaheim, and was bigger than ever. More than 71,000 people attended and it used all the space at the Anaheim Convention Center. This was my third consecutive year attending, and its really cool to see the smaller brands continue to grow and new players come into the market. Some products introduced as “new” last year are back again, with slight changes to packaging or positioning in hopes to get more traction. It’s part of the entrepreneurial attitude and spirit that keeps these small businesses coming back.

The current focus on natural, minimally processed foods originated from this annual convention, fueled by the desires for authenticity and transparency, local food sourcing and the support of retailers like Whole Foods and Sprouts as well as the traditional larger retailers who are getting on board.

Walking the show you start to develop an intuition of what’s new and emerging for this year. The following are nine food ‘trends’ that stood out. The question is, which will endure and expand next year, and which will fade out? What do you think?

(Coming soon - pictures of some of my favorite finds at the show!)