Everyone loves a great snack! But how do retailers find the latest and greatest products to tempt us? They peruse the 4 acres of candy and snack products at the Snacks & Sweets Expo going on right now in Chicago. In honor of the show, the Insight Specialists of Ignite 360 shared their favorite between meal munchies!

The Ignite 360 Snacksperts!

The Ignite 360 Snacksperts!

  1. Cheers to Chobani Yogurt hits all the snack high points - cold, creamy, nutritious and satisfying – from Chobani to Liberte to Wallaby – yogurt tops Becky’s list (and ours too).

  2. Nuts for Nutella! Introduced in 1964, this sweet spread has a cult like following. Nate paired it with another evergreen favorite, the Ritz cracker – and got a snack powerhouse!

  3. Nuts for Nuts Protein, crunch and as close to the source as you can get.

  4. Avocado & Soy Sauce??? Our veteran Insights Sleuth Angie picked up this snack tip while on a Global CPG project - and she hasn’t put it down yet!

  5. Dark Chocolate Chips. Deconstructing the cookie - ingredients can be snacks too!

  6. The Incredible, Edible… Our Creative Sherpa Robin swears by the satiating power of this egg-citing mid-day pick me up.

  7. Portable Pringles Randy keeps these crunchy, salty stackers on hand and on the go!

  8. Wasabi Peas Please The snack straight from Japan that packs a punch (& crunch) for Tori’s tastebuds.

  9. Hummus is a Must Beth goes savory with hummus and a range of dipping utensils from veggies to pita chips.

Our on the go ensemble gravitates toward creamy, nutty, simple sources for snackspiration – bringing in some heat and sweet as well!

What is your favorite snack?

And for those going to the Snack & Sweets Expo, tell us what inspired you!