Media Invited to Join “The Surprising Truth About Empathy at Work” Webinar Sept. 19

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 6, 2017 – Many consumer brands have learned the hard way that their employees need to express more empathy with their customers. But how? Can you learn to be empathetic? Yes, according to Ignite 360, the San Francisco-based consumer insights and strategy firm. Ignite 360 has created a new program called “Empathy Camp™” designed to do just that.

“Empathy has become a popular buzzword in management circles, but companies don’t know how to institutionalize it.  It’s not enough to say ‘We need to be more empathic.’ Empathy is a trait that we’re born with, but it needs to be exercised like a muscle, or it will atrophy.  It’s a soft skill that has a big impact on the bottom line,” said Rob Volpe, CEO of Ignite 360. “Strengthening your team’s empathy skills leads to better problem solving, decision-making and understanding of both your consumers and colleagues. That’s our objective with Empathy Camp.”

Research including a University of Michigan survey of college students published in 2010 shows that empathy has been in steep decline, as much as 40%, and the resulting inability to connect with people has serious implications for businesses.

“In the age of smart phones and social media, where a 20-second video of a poorly-handled customer interaction can go viral in minutes and create an instant crisis for a brand, having strong empathy skills gives employees the ability to handle a powder key situation and minimize the risk of it getting out of control,” added Volpe.

As insights professionals, the Ignite 360 team is expert in building, maintaining and transferring empathy between consumers and clients. At Empathy Camp™, employees will learn the role empathy plays in doing their jobs, how to develop and strengthen empathy skills and how to apply them. Empathy Camp™ sessions are held in small 'classroom' settings and structured in a “Learn, Practice, Apply” approach.  Ignite 360 uses intake surveys and conversations to customize the sessions to the current empathy needs of the attendees and the organization.

Ignite 360 offers three levels of Empathy Camp™ for companies to choose from:

A 3-hour presentation and mini-workshop onsite for up to 20 people.

Day Camp
A full-day workshop for 12-15 people including consumer interaction, onsite or offsite.

Boot Camp
A comprehensive 3-day off-site session for 12-15 people with detailed focus on each of the steps to build and apply empathy.

Webinar: The Surprising Truth About Empathy at Work

To learn more about the connection between empathy and business, join Ignite 360 for a webinar on September 19th at 10am PT. To register, click here.

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Ignite 360 is a consumer insights and strategy firm that delivers breakthrough thinking and actionable results to Fortune 500 companies and growing organizations. Through one on one interviews, in-store and in-home visits, focus groups and co-creation sessions, our holistic 360° approach provides companies with a unique level of intelligence and empathy by tapping into the hearts and minds of their customers.  Ignite 360 is headquartered in San Francisco. For more, visit

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