Consumer behaviorist and certified research geek, Sunaina Schultz, PhD walks us through the fascinating evolution of cultural categories, and outlines how we marketers can successfully adapt.

In times of social change, the cultural categories (e.g. gender, sexuality, family) that structure how we think about and understand the world get reconsidered and redefined. When these cultural shifts occur, marketers are tasked with figuring out how to respond. What we find though, is that marketers are having a hard time effectively adapting. This white paper explores what gets in the way of marketers’ efforts to support and enact broad social change in their industries. We also offer strategies for marketers to get ahead of the curve by breaking out of the cultural inertia that holds others back.

Key Takeaways

  • Discover how marketers get stuck in old ways of thinking

  • Learn how to adapt to social change by exposing industry assumptions and biases

  • Explore how dismantling judgment and asking good questions can disrupt and revise old ways of thinking


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