Some folks pine for Christmas, others light up for Hannukah - but the folks here at Ignite 360 count down the days until the first Friday of June... TO CELEBRATE NATIONAL DONUT DAY!!!

NDD began in 1938 as a fund raiser for The Salvation Army in Chicago with the goal of helping those in need during the Great Depression and honor The Salvation Army "Lassies" of World War I (who kindly served doughnuts to soldiers).

Go ahead and try to keep the drool off your screen as we share the flavors and fun places our Ignite 360 ensemble members found on their quests for that sweet doughy circle of love!

Rob Volpe, CEO
Location: Dynamo Donuts, San Francisco
Donut of Choice: Spiced Chocolate

Kirsten Killean, Investigadora
Location: Donut vendor, Almería
Donut of Choice: Green With Sprinkles

Stephanie Spencer, Storyologist
Location: San Diego
Donut of Choice: Old Fashioned


Robin Algaze, Creative Sherpa
Location: Dynamo Donuts, San Francisco
Donut of Choice: Chocolate Hazelnut Lavender

Lisa Osborne, COO
Location: Top Pot, Seattle
Donut of Choice: Bavarian Creme Filled 

Randy Ferguson, Insights Paradox
Location: Lindstrom Bakery, Wisconsin
Donut of Choice: Scandinavian Cake

Tori Palmer-Kern, Project Manager
Location: Voodoo Donuts, Austin
Donut of Choice: Vicious Hibiscus

Charles LaBrecque, Operations Manager
Location: Dynamo Donuts, San Francisco
Donut of Choice: Ginger Orange

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