Chris Hogan has a passion for curiosity, to look at ordinary situations, and yet, dig deeper to see something different and meaningful.

The fuel for his curiosity comes from accumulating a broad range of marketing, consumer and shopper insight, advanced analytics, and category management experiences in his 30+ year career. 

Chris was previously SVP Consumer Insight & Analytics at ConAgra. Prior to ConAgra, Chris had a variety of marketing positions with increasing responsibility at Kraft Foods including: VP Consumer Insights & Strategy Kraft International, VP Category Management Kraft North America, Director Consumer Insights for multiple business units across the Kraft U.S. portfolio of products. 

Prior to Kraft Foods Chris was a Marketing Research Manager for the H.J. Heinz Company and he began his consumer insight career with Burke Marketing Services as an Account Manager.

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Q & A

What 1 piece of advice would you give to someone looking to write a brand story? 

Get curious. Assume nothing and learn about the brand from all angles including consumers, customers, marketers, supply chain operators, R&D developers, vendors, and bloggers.

What are you most curious about these days?

Habits. Why we have them. How we create them. How we change them. A lot of behavior is habitual, understanding that and knowing how to influence habits, creates business, and personal growth.