We strive to help our clients increase their own empathy quotient.

At Ignite 360, we believe empathy is a superpower we all possess. Our custom-designed Empathy Excursions help you try on another’s perspective and see the world through others’ eyes. 

Empathy Excursions get you to practice your empathy - in the real world. After all, Spiderman didn’t always have his Spidey sense, Superman had to learn to control his power to take flight, and Wonder Woman was not always walking amongst us mere humans. It took them time and practice to reach the full potential of their heroic prowess!

Empathy is about understanding and connection. It’s about ‘trying on’ another person’s perspective and being present. Practicing empathy requires us to:

  • See the world as others see it – practice taking the perspective of another person

  • Be nonjudgmental – remove our own personal biases and judgments in order to see and connect

  • Understand another person’s feelings – sense others’ emotions

  • Transmit newfound understanding of that person, as a person – share their story with new perspective

How Do Empathy Excursions Work? 

empathy excursion.png

Your Excursion Details

STEP 1: Choose your empathy excursion (an event that is outside your wheelhouse), for example:

  • You’re a die-hard Republican? Attend a left-wing rally.
  • You’re a strict vegetarian? Sidle up to folks at meat-lover’s chili cook off.
  • You’re a born and bred urbanite? Spend an afternoon on a docent-led nature walk in the country.

STEP 2: Fill out and submit the excursion form on the right.

STEP 3: Once you receive a confirmation email... attend, document, and write about your experience for a blog post.


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