Nate’s desire to understand the drivers of people’s behavior and his empathetic listening skills build a deeper understanding of the consumer.

With over 20 years of experience as an insights and strategy leader, Nate understands how to leverage and communicate consumer learning to get results.  One senior marketing client stated, “Nate led the most actionable research we’ve ever conducted.”

Prior to joining the Ignite 360, Nate provided strategic consumer insights on some of the largest brands at marketing powerhouses such as, Unilever, ConAgra Brands, and Kraft Foods. He understands clients’ needs and knows the value of strong client service. 

Because no single approach is right for every project, Nate is skilled at developing customized research designs and at merging qualitative and quantitative learning into one cohesive story. He has vast experience with a range projects, from established products to blue-sky innovation.

Nate earned an MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management and a BBA from the University of Wisconsin.

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Q & A

What aspect of your work do you enjoy most right now? 

I’m curious by nature, so I love listening and observing consumers to understand what makes them tick.

What is your key to good customer service?

Collaboration with the client, clear communication, understanding how the client will leverage the learning as well as who their final audience is.

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