Angie challenges the teams she leads with her marketing-driven background and expertise in building empathy through qualitative research.

Her journey to uncover the thoughts, feelings and motivations deeply rooted in all of us, give clients the knowledge and experience to bring consumer stories to life. 

In weaving together a 20 year background in marketing, research, product management and PR working for companies like Revlon and Kensington Technology, Angie has a thorough understanding of product development, retail channels and marketing strategies needed to maximize the output of opportunities and recommendations for her clients.

When not studying human behavior, Angie pursues her passion for animal behavior and welfare, and she had a lot of studies during her six year stint as the Marketing & PR Director for the Sonoma Humane Society, a large non-profit animal hospital & welfare center. She stays balanced by taking advantage of the Northern California lifestyle: hiking, skiing, outdoor concerts and vineyard hopping.

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Q & A

If you were a board game, what would it be called? 

Inside Out – The Journey to Vulnerability

What 1 piece of advice would you give to someone looking to build empathy?

Never judge, never assume, always be open, patient and curious and you will uncover surprises.

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