“Over the river and through the woods, to grandmother’s house we go…”

And then when you get there, what are you going to talk about? Maybe you have an Uncle Bill at your table, grumbling about snowflakes and immigration. Or cousin Lucy, who doesn’t want to hear it from Uncle Bill and is more concerned about a federal minimum wage and universal health care. How in the world are you going to get through the meal together, let alone the day or the weekend? What can you possibly talk about?

Or maybe you are just looking to add something a little different to your holiday ritual. Either way, to help get the conversation going (and maybe bridge some divides), we’ve created a special Thanksgiving edition of our popular conversation game, Lifeology™.

This version features easy-to-answer questions in three categories: Thanksgiving, Gratitude, and Entertainment that will get people talking and sharing their thoughts. Plus, it’s easy to transport and is suitable for all ages.

Instructions are simple – download and print the cards, cut them out, and when you are ready to play, shuffle the cards and have someone draw the first card. That person answers the question on that card. As you answer the question – always keep in mind the Lifeology™ motto: The More You Give, the More You Get! So get comfortable, and don’t be afraid to be vulnerable.

After answering the question, the same card is passed for someone else to answer that same question. Sharing is about listening as much as it is speaking. Really listen to what that other person has to say. Acknowledge with some head nods and maybe a follow-up “Tell me more” or whatever feels comfortable for you. After everyone playing has answered, a new card is drawn by the next player.

Whether you are at a dinner for 2 or a raucous multi-generational gathering of 20 – Lifeology™: Thanksgiving Edition will open up conversations and give you added insight into your loved ones – no matter if they are an Uncle Bill, cousin Lucy, or your one and only. 

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Happy Thanksgiving!