Unexpected, conceptual, and highly individual are three characteristics that have come to describe Charles LaBrecque.

It’s no surprise when you consider his early inspirations include Grace Jones, Comme des Garçons, and Yves Klein.    

Applying these inspirations into the world of high-end residential interiors, Charles spent 9 years at Gary Hutton Design, a leading design firm in San Francisco. He has been with Ignite 360 since its foundation in 2011, providing inspiration and design-oriented thinking to his partner, Rob, which has informed the company’s work. 

His sharp eye brings into focus broader societal trends such as the Gendstir movement. He cannot only spot changes in behavior but understands the implications for our clients.

Currently pursuing his own creative design initiatives, Charles also supports the company as its Operations Manager. Juggling the multitude of moving pieces at a high touch firm like Ignite 360 isn’t that much different than renovating the living space of a contemporary art collector. Both require thoughtful coordination and planning along with a flexibility to adapt to the unexpected.

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Charles LeBrecque

Q & A

How has the importance of creating empathy impacted your work? 

It's important to understand how people wish to use and move through their individual spaces. I try to understand the things that are most important to clients in order to create environments that represent who they are. Careful listening and empathy have allowed me to design homes that clients enjoy with their families.

What's the first thing you do when someone comes to you with a puzzle?

I need to lay everything out and examine all of the pieces. This helps me to identify patterns and informs my approach for solving the puzzle at hand. Whether it's sourcing fixtures and finishes for a lavish home interior or preparing for an upcoming ethnography project, it's important to visualize how each part relates to the greater whole. 

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