Empathy is behind the biggest business success stories, yet studies suggest empathy skills are 40% less than their pre-2001 levels. This empathy deficit hits the bottom line of every company. Regain your empathy equilibrium, learn how to build and apply empathy at work.

We’ve designed Empathy Camp™ to help people develop skills to build and apply empathy in the workplace. These workshops take a ‘Learn, Practice, Apply’ approach and are tailored to the needs of the individuals attending. Starting with the 5 Steps to Building and Applying Empathy, we use proprietary empathy-building tools like Lifeology™ to gain practical experience developing empathy with people outside their usual circles.

There are 3 levels of Empathy Camp to choose from.

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A 3-hour presentation and mini-workshop onsite at your offices for up to 20 people.

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Day Camp

A full-day workshop for up to 12-15 people including consumer interaction, onsite or offsite.

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Boot Camp

A comprehensive 3-day off-site session for up to 12-15 people with detailed focus on each of the steps to build and apply empathy.

Participants in every session engage in a pre and post workshop needs assessment and evaluation to track skill level and development.