Eric's passion leads to setting the stage for “Aha!” discoveries, creating small yet significant moments when individuals connect with each other or themselves in deeper learning.

They’re core to Eric’s understanding of people and client service that has been integral to his work life.

In his words, "I grew up in HR." He learned organizational effectiveness in the army, went on to lead as chief training and HR development leader for Mervyn's and international travel retailer, DFS, and working for start-ups like Pinkberry. Eric is a RIVA trained moderator now using his focus group moderator skills in the field while also spearheading Ignite 360's talent management.

His intuitive approach complements his upfront manner in engaging clients and consumers alike to listen and tap into what they may not have articulated before. Much of his work has developed into longer-term relationships strengthened by the trust he forms with those around him.

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Q & A

What is one piece of advice you’d give someone who was conducting a ethnography? 

Observe everything. Play verbal jiu-jitsu.

What is your key to good customer service?

Listen, Act, Communicate, Repeat

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