Randy’s experience centers around finding new ways to address consumer need - putting the “new” in nuance.

Whether it be launching new products for General Mills, running his own ethnography consultancy, or working with Fortune 500 companies for a global digital trend service. Randy’s industry expertise includes retail/fashion, technology, the non-profit sector and deep dives into empty nester and young cosmopolitan cohorts. 

At Ignite 360 he works with clients to uncover the consumer stories and opportunities that grow their business. Randy is based in Minneapolis, MN.

Have a question or project you’d like to discuss? Let’s chat at randy@ignite-360.com

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Q and A

What aspect of your work do you enjoy most right now?

Field work is my passion. There is nothing more satisfying than meeting people in their space, wherever that may be. I love going in with an open mind to explore and learn about what consumers are actually thinking and doing! Applying the social sciences to business questions is where new and innovative thinking comes from.

What is your key to good customer service?

Open communication is the best way to make sure that the client is satisfied. Being comfortable enough with each other that you can ask the hard questions and not be afraid of what the answer will be makes sure that nothing is left on the table and any potential issues are solved before they even happen.

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