Stephanie’s joys are ideating, unearthing the big idea, and transforming reports into compact visual stories.

Stephanie earned her Masters in Arts Management at Columbia University where she specialized in the art of storytelling. For 20 years she has applied storytelling methodologies to her research and design endeavors.

An intrepreneur at heart, she co-launched New York MoMA’s Online Store, co-conceived original arts research at Columbia University and Princeton University, and team-launched a landmark client intelligence study for Morgan Stanley’s investment arm.

Stephanie brings consistent excellence to Ignite 360’s creative deliverables. 

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Q & A

What does it mean “to actively listen”?

A non-example of active listening would be to multi-task while listening (e.g. surf online, do dishes, run a mental grocery list etc.). Active means you are focused on the individual's voice, body language, choice of words, etc. Scientists have studied how our brains actually sync up when we are actively listening to another's story.

If you could/can personally witness anything, what would you want to see?

The Northern Lights