Growing up in a family of journalists, Tori’s first words were “Tell me more about that.” 

Well, maybe not her first words. However, research and storytelling were a part of Tori’s life (and family dinners) from a young age.

After graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Tori had a stint in IT marketing and realized it was not for her. She then sought out an internship in market research and was instantly hooked. Prior to joining Ignite 360, Tori worked as a researcher at Fusion Hill. Her experience runs the gamut from project management to moderating to report writing. She joined Ignite 360 as a project manager and has been praised for her attention to detail and knack for solving complex problems. With 10 years of competitive figure skating under her belt, Tori has developed an ability to thrive under pressure. She is also a RIVA-trained moderator with experience moderating focus groups, online netnographies, and shopper intercepts. 

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Tori Palmer-Kern

Q & A

What was your favorite game as a child and why?

As a kid (and now), I was obsessed with Scattergories, a game in which you race the clock to come up with words that fit a category. My family would always play on Christmas Eve, and it would get super competitive.  It was always a challenge to come up with the cleverest answer before the buzzer went off, and a lot of hilarity would ensue when we shared out our responses.

What aspect of your work do you enjoy most right now?

I really enjoy the variety and the people. No day is ever the same, and I love being able to work on such a wide range of projects. There are always new challenges, and it’s very rewarding to work through them. I am also very grateful for the people I work with, and I’m consistently inspired by my co-workers, clients, and research partners.

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