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To ensure you get the most from your Storymasters experience, we want to get a sense of where you’re starting from with regards to storytelling.


Storymasters Data Stories

Researchers are obsessed with data. To us, all data is good data and we love to gather, consider, compare and share it.

But when it comes to storytelling, we must resist the urge to include and show all of our data, especially when it comes to quantitative storytelling. Our stories are adrift in a tumultuous sea of data and our audience is going down with the ship.


Storymasters Tension and Conflict

Tension and conflict may be things you choose to avoid in your daily life, but, in the world of storytelling and business insights, you must seek them out and grab hold. Tension reveals what’s at stake and what’s to be done about it!


Storymasters Storytelling Failures

This month we are sharing stories of storytelling fails. We asked three industry experts about their own storytelling failures, and what they do differently now.

Storymasters Spoken Stories [Podcast]

COO Lisa Osborne talks in-depth with author, messaging expert and communication coach Dr. Michelle Mazur, founder/CEO of Communication Rebel. Drawing upon examples from her recently published book, 3 Word Rebellion: Create a Message That Is Bigger Than Your Business, Mazur shares practical advice you can use right away to improve your next presentation. You'll learn the critical distinction between delivering a speech and delivering a message and the two most important parts of your presentation you never want to give up!  

Short on time, but hungry to learn? Here are 5 sound bites to get you started!

6:45 – The 3 tenets of great presenters, including the two most important parts of a speech

22:30 – How to have impact and drive action in a traditional, corporate environment

27:00 – How and when to insert a personal story into your message

37:00 – How to make your message simple, clear, and memorable

44:30 – Key takeaways


Storymasters Visual Stories

Effective use of visual language, and its persuasive power is a top consideration as we create project deliverables. Not only does our brain process visual information more effectively than text, presentations with visuals are scientifically proven to be 43% more persuasive and effective at getting people to take action.

In this guide we’ll show you the ways in which visuals can elevate your storytelling. From choosing the right visual metaphor to translating complex concepts into memorable insights – these real-world examples and tips will teach you how to think visually!


Storymasters Written Stories

We developed this guide full of ideas and tips to help you overcome the overwhelming feelings and pain points of writing your story. From sorting out what’s important to your storyline and finding your Big Idea to examples of headlines that stick!


Powerful Powerpoint Tips

Not everyone has a designer on retainer – so we put together 5 of our most used (and powerful) PowerPoint tips you can use to perfectly polish your presentation and impress your audience in record time!


Storymasters The Webinar - Harnessing the Power of Story to Drive Action for Your Business.

One of the most fun hours you’ll spend on your journey to become a storymaster!

In this webinar, we’ll dig deeper into the foundational storytelling concepts that drive your business to action! Hosts Rob Volpe, CEO and Lisa Osborne, COO will share real examples and anecdotes of how storytelling will elevate your insights - and answer your most burning questions real time!


Storymasters The Guide

The Storymasters guide contains an overview of the 10 storytelling concepts in this Storymasters series, real-world challenges and solutions you can begin to use right away, actual case studies and examples of storytelling in action PLUS links to additional learning content!