Customized Insight Application and Development Training Designed to Meet Your Needs

Our clients expect action – they need it to move forward – we provide the ignition through custom workshops, learning & development programs and meeting facilitation that generates alignment and outcomes that the team feels good about moving ahead.

Some of our session types include:


Insight Application Session

Going beyond the delivery of compelling insights, we guide your team on how to actually apply the insights to their day to day jobs.


Learning and Development

Seeking to elevate team thinking or introduce a new way of working, our customized sessions coach while the team learns from practical exercises. Examples include Strategic Value Consumer identification, Distinctive Brand Assets, Consumer Empathy Sprints and Leadership Empathy Training.


New Program

Need to make a splash with your new strategy or campaign? We develop engaging programs that bring teams together, share information and get the team ready to work together to implement the new program.


Strategy Sessions

Clients appreciate our deft touch in managing teams with competing agendas, providing a critical voice of reason during the session and gaining alignment and agreement on the best course forward. We start with stakeholder intake calls and craft an agenda and activities that fosters cohesion and understanding among the participants.


Ideation Sessions

We craft engaging activities that generate and capture sparks and ideas that can be built into viable concepts. We flex as we go to make sure the workshop is leading to the best conclusion that meets the objectives established at the outset.